Comprehensive Services That Offer Solutions

​​​Every small addition, complete building or entire campus requires a comprehensive solution to assure proper function of all voice, data, and video services, whether wired or wireless. Incorporating the latest technologies and industry standards in budgeting, space planning, copper and fiber optic cabling, electronics and wireless technologies will prepare any project for both current needs and future flexibility and expansion.

Adequate HVAC, power and redundancy

Proper cabling function, topology, quantity and type (copper or fiber optic)

Adherence to client and industry standards

Wireless integration

Capacity for future growth and flexibility

Contractor compliance

Policy Development

Our team helps make your technology work for you—so you can work for others.

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Our comprehensive services include:

Architectural Assistance

IT space planning and analysis for telecommunications rooms

Building entrance facilities, server rooms and data centers

Manhole, duct bank, riser shaft and cable trays

Master planning, campus distribution, budgeting and scope planning

Data Centers

Project Contributions

Coordinated plans and specifications

ICT Experts